About the Biosim•Exchange

Arthritis Consumer Experts (ACE) has been a leader in biosimilars discussions since 2009, sharing information with stakeholders across Canada through free research-based workshops, webinars and education programs. Drawing from this experience, ACE has created the Biosim•Exchange, an information hub for consumers to get the latest biosimilars news and background analysis.

The Biosim•Exchange provides timely, balanced information for consumers-patients and reports on public and private health insurance formulary policy or listing decisions specific to biosimilars. With research-based information and education, patients can have a full therapy conversation with their rheumatologist (or other specialist) in order to best decide on their choice of medication, including biologic originator and biologic biosimilar.

Biosimilars should have a positive effect for both the healthcare system, and most importantly, inflammatory arthritis patients; they can broaden access to all inflammatory arthritis patients who need them and address the significant and growing cost of biologics.  

As biosimilars research data continues to be published and policies regulating them evolve, ACE is meeting with public formulary and private payer decision makers to provide its membership's expectations that cost savings from biosimilars be reinvested in new innovative medicines coming into the market place and to improve other aspects of arthritis care, regionally and nationally.

ACE continues to refine its focus on biosimilars advocacy to reflect evolving research and the growing need for quality information on them for the arthritis community.

Please share the Biosim•Exchange with other patients, your friends and family.

We look forward to your questions and comments and hearing about your experience with biosimilars.